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(Review of the International Communist Party)


Look here for the complete issues of the jounal «Communist Left» from the website of the ICP («il partito comunista»)

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Communist Left No. 1 (1989)

Marxism and the English Workers Movement - Part 1
Ireland - Sinn Fein: from the Bullet to the Ballot?
Union Question: Introduction
Evolution and Dynamic of the Union Form
The Party and the COBAs
Current Events: The 'Modernisation' of the Labour Party
The Bourgeoisie and the 'Social' Peace: East and West

Communist Left No. 2 (1/1990)
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CPGB lurching into Oblivion
Roast Beef of Old England
Marxism and the Workers Movement in Britain - Part 2
On the Thread of Time: Marxism of the Stammerers (BC, No.8, 17-20.4.1952)
Life of the Party: Reunion Report
Current Events: Transport Strikes in Australia Poll Tax Riots - Ruling Class says 'No' to Violence
Trial and Terror in the U.K.

Communist Left No. 3 (2/1990)
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Against all Fatherlands
Marxism and the Workers Movement in Britain - Part 3
The Party's classical Theses and Evaluations on War - Part 1
Reunion Report
Unofficial Union organises Strike in Oil-fields
Big Stick in Poplar - by Sylvia Pankhurst (1923)
Current Events: Anti-Poll Tax Campaign Gulf Imperialist Conflict

Communist Left No. 4 (1991)
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Revolutionary Marxism and the War in the Gulf
The Party's classical Theses and Evaluations on War - Part 2
The Italian Left and the Communist International - Part 1
Italy - The Metalworkers: Caught in the Vice between Bosses
and Unions
Reunion Report
«Practical» Socialists - by William Morris (Workers' Dreadnought, Vol.X, No.30, 13.10.1923)
Current Events: Reports from Argentina Liverpool - Assault on all Fronts against the Workers

Communist Left No. 5 (1/1992)
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US-Riots - American Dream Under Fire
Yugoslavia: Not ethnic War but global imperialist Conflict
Russia: Liquidators liquidated
Party's Theses: Nature and Communist Revolution.
An historical Outline of the Union Movement in Argentina
The Italian Left and the Communist International - Part 2
Three Texts of the Italian Communist Left on Anarchism: Socialism and Anarchy ('Il Soviet', N° 13, 16.3.1919)
Socialsts and Anarchists ('Il Soviet', N° 2, 11.1.1920)
Bolshevism defamed by the Anarchists ('Il Soviet', N° 15, 23.5.1919)
Reunion Report: Turin 1921
Current Events: London Underground Strike Leaflet on the Election in the UK

Communist Left No. 6 (2/1992)
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Marxism and the Workers Movement in Britain - Part 4
Auschwitz - the big alibi - 1987 introduction
Auschwitz - the big alibi
Race and Class
The Italian Left and the Communist International - Part 3 The Italian Party (PSI) and its Abstensionist Fraction:
Interview with Sylvia Pankhurst on the Situation in England, published in 'Il Soviet' in 1919
The Party and the Trade Unions
Leaflet: The imperialist War in Sarajevo

Communist Left No. 7 (1993)
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The Burial of the C.P.G.B. - A Question of Traditions
The Italian Left and the International - Part 4 The great Proletarian Struggles and their Repercussions
on the Party
Report on the 1919 Bologna Congress of the Socialist Party of Italy by Sylvia Pankhurst
The Season of Strikes in Italy - A Summing Up
Britain - The Axe still hangs over the Mines
Life of the Party

Communist Left No. 8 (1994)
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The Battle against the Destruction of the Party
From the Archives of the Left: The Fractions Letter to the International Secretariat
Introduction: Preface to the 1952 edition Straithening the Dogs' Legs («Le gambe ai cani»)
Straithening Dogs' Legs
Reunion Report
The Need for Workers' Economic Organisations
Current Events: Leaflet on Unemployment Lecturers Strike Postal Workers Strike

Communist Left No. 9 (1995)
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British Labour Dumps Fake Socialism
Theses on the Trade Unions in Britain
The Tactic of Affiliating the CPGB to the Labour Party
Notes on the History of the Left: Stalinism's Victory over the Oppositions
From the Left's Archive: Letter to Korsch from the Left in October 1926
The Italian Left and the International - Part 5 The Struggle for a Split in the Italian Socialist Party
Party Reunions
The Signal Workers Strike against Railtrack, June-September 1994

Communist Left No. 10/11 (1996)
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Origins and History of the English Workers Movement
Articles on the 1926 General Strike:
The Tactics of the Comintern
Anglo-Russia Committee (1926)
MacDonald in Power (1929)
Capitalism's Mortal Crisis (1928)
How to Write History: a critique of Hobsbawn (1964)
Position of the Left at the Sixth Enlarged ECCI (1926)
The Italian Left and the International - Part 6: The Comintern and the United Front
From the Archives of the Left: Introduction to «The Balkan War» (1912)
The Balkan War (1912)

Communist Left No. 12/13 (1999)
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Origins and history of the english workers movement - the bourgeois revolution the italian left and the international (part 5) the second congress of the comintern
Communist organisation and discipline (prometeo 1924)
Notes on the opposition between capitalist and socialist economics
A growing anger at the trade-union leaders
The liverpool dockers dispute, a summing up (or how not to conduct a strike)
Yet another appalling TUC Annual gathering
Australia: wharfies still under attack
USA: all-out strike at general motors
A nice test of strength by the new york building workers
Interventions: leaflets on the kosovo war

Communist Left No. 14 (2000)
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Algeria, Yesterday and Today
The Explosive Potential of the Indonesian Working Class
The Italian left and the International (part 6)
Origin and History of the English Working Class: Emergence of the Proletarian Movement (1780-1815)
UK: Carworkers under Attack
Biodiversity and Capitalism
Deadly Embraces (an article about our attitude towards other groups 'on the Left')
Reunion report

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